Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where are the Christmas sweaters?

What? More black and gray outfits? Come on, Helen, I know you have a Rubbermaid tub of Christmas sweaters somewhere in that attic of yours! It's Friday, December 16th, Day 61 of the great clothing challenge, and there are only four more work days before Santa comes down the chimney. You can't tell me you don't own at least a week's worth of vintage Christmas sweaters that you could share with your readers! (Or maybe your kids took them all to college for Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties?)

Nevertheless, our heroine is looking lovely as usual in a black three quarter sleeve top, gray skirt, and a hint of the holidays at the neckline with a necklace made of mini Christmas tree bulbs.

I can't wait to see the sweaters next week!

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  1. The Christmas sweaters are on a camera in Rome right now--hopefully they will be posted shortly!


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