Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thursday, December 15th (Day 60)

Today Mz. Helen pulls a classic 'white and black.' Strategically standing next to the deco white-and-black wallhanging in Associate Dean's Andrea's office, and contrasted nicely by the blue of the exam books, here we see Helen in true-blue NYC style in a 3-quarter sleeve white cardigan, short black ruffled skirt, black tights, and black super-efficient pumps. The business (of grading) is serious, and is underscored by the sheer pile of exambooks, the white question sheet, the pencil, and the glassess on the -- also black -- table. Helen's bright smile (sans doggie stress, phew!!), however, and the sheer chic of this outfit will make grading a lighter chore for anyone concerned, one hopes!

P.S. - and may I just take a moment to feel rather pleased that this blog was my idea? Ellen will testify.


  1. I loved this sweater with the Christmas decorations on it. Holiday cheer in a chic form. A 10 for the outfit overall.

  2. Have a great holiday season! I look forward to more outfits in the Spring and hope you continue the blog.


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