Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28th- Day 12

Yesterday, I was photographed wearing a beige pair of dress slacks and a navy blue sweater. The sweater has a cute ruffle with beige trim. As to some questions I have received , my husband does not help me pick out my daily outfit but I know when it is not a good one by his kind response "that's different". Also no concert shirts will be worn unless Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tours in the next few months-not likely.

A Night Out! (Day 11)

Tuesday's outfit (yes, we're behind, but we're busy!) comes to us from Helen's after-work adventures. Some sort of bowling-and-eating establishment in the big city. Fans of the blog will see right away that the weather continues to coƶperate and Helen is hanging in there with the warm-weather ensembles. For Tuesday a little mix and match: a floral-(I think)-patterned skirt and blue short-sleeve top, along with a nice sandal (though I'm pretty sure you can't bowl in those).

Helen's working up a little sneak-peek into her closet, so stay tuned!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn? (day 10)

I am decidedly not one of those people who blithely declares the beginning of some new season based merely on some astronomical phenomenon like a solstice or equinox. Nevertheless it is getting a bit late in the year for this continued warmth and, more importantly, humidity. It's still nice to hit the AC in the office after walking up the hill from the train on my morning commute.

Helen, however, is pleased with this summery September as it is helping her to keep pulling out the warm-weather clothes. Today finds her in a flowery yellow dress with matching yellow shoes. (Discerning readers will have noticed that we've been including Helen's shoes in our photos.)

Happy Workweek!

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Friday, Friday... (Day 9)

OK, made it to the end of week two, and I think it's turning out to be harder for us to keep up with Helen than it is for her to choose these outfits! Finding a new backdrop in the office may also begin
to be difficult. On the other hand, this may be just the excuse I need to get that new iOS device.

Rainy and a bit miserable on this autumnal equinox, and Helen's back to pants, with simple black matched by a short-sleeved black top under a blue ¾-sleeve sweater and matching necklace. (We're not tracking the accessories, but I think maybe we should be!)

Week 2 (Day 8)

On this warm and muggy day, Helen is still stretching out that summer wardrobe with a blue cotton jersey dress. It was paired with a putty colored cardigan sweater, which matched perfectly with the pattern running through her dress.

Truth be told, Helen is getting a little upset with us. The rookie bloggers are slacking off, not posting pictures on a timely basis. We hope to make up for it in future posts....keep an eye out over the next few days for some technical information on how Helen organizes her closet to ensure there isn't double dipping!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lookin good....

I was particularly fond of yesterday's ensemble. A perfect match, up and down!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week 2 (Day 6)

Although the look is similar to last Friday's outfit, with the camisole, v-neck cardigan sweater and slacks, each item, right down to the accessories, are all new. John is already amazed that there are no signs of repeats, but having been awed by Helen's wardrobe for close to two years, I have no doubt that it will be weeks before we ever see a re-run necklace or shoes.

Note to Helen: you're looking a little cranky in this picture. Give us a big smile tomorrow!

Week 2! (Day 5)

Only at week two, and I've already missed a day! So this one is from yesterday, Monday.

Helen dropped the bright colors today, surely to reflect the Monday-ness of it all. But she's still using the warm-weather section of the closet with a textured black-and-white summer skirt. She's starting to mix it up a bit though with a fall-season top and tights.

A little rain in the forecast, but temps are headed slightly upward, so we'll see what the week brings.

(Thanks to Ellen for fashion explanations.)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Are those knee-hi's???? Please tell me those open toe shoes are worn with bare feet and a beautiful pedicure!

Day 4 - First day of fall?

I drove to work this morning thinking that the 20 degree drop in temperature might throw a wrench into Helen’s semester long fashion strategy. Was she planning for a warm September, hoping to stretch the summer wardrobe well into the fall? Will her plans to go sleeveless on October 1st be foiled? Or would she take the plunge today and break out the tweeds and wools? As expected, she rose to the occasion and straddled the seasons, selecting a beautiful rose colored silk blend sweater with a hint of summer, paired with putty colored trousers and matching camisole, for a hint of fall. The outfit was accessorized with chocolate colored peek-a-boo shoes and a mixed metal multi-strand Silpada necklace. A cross-seasonal winner.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blue & Gold!

This is one of my favorite skirts--Ann Taylor Loft about six years old.
Love the flare and the femininity of the skirt! Didn't think much about the football game but as the Dean's assistant--we aim to please! Go Michigan Wolverines! BUT my Celtic roots will have me rooting for the Fighting Irish this weekend when they play that other Michigan team!

Go, Blue! (day 3)

It's starting to cool off a bit here from the late-summer heat, but the humidity is hanging in there. Today Helen has put together a maize-and-blue-esque combination, perhaps in honor of the boss's trip to Ann Arbor this weekend for the Michigan-Notre Dame game.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Helen - another winner. The hint of tie dye makes me think that you were a Grateful Dead fan in another life...but I stand corrected.

Day 2

It is going to be a hot, humid and busy day-high of 88. I chose a Lafayette 148 dress I purchased last spring from site to find discounted designer wares. Wednesday's is the my weekly BIG meeting l so I try to look professional for this three-hour meeting. Following my work I will run to pilates class and then I am off to hear Mitch Albom speak at a nearby univeristy. This dress makes for an easy quick change for my afternoon to evening events. Stay cool, folks!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi from Helen!

YES! I am up for the challenge! I promise to obey by the rules my colleagues have established.
Today's outfit is an old black dress matched with a turquoise shrug and matching sandals. Hoping to wear as much of my summer clothes before the season transitions to fall.
Helen - off to a great start! The turquoise should wear it more often....but not until next semester!

And so it begins...

Last year Helen let the rest of us in the office know that she was trying to go through everything in her closet without wearing the same outfit twice. We thought it was worth bringing this lofty endeavor to a wider audience, but she had already been at it for too long by the time we found out.

But this year we caught her early.
Day 1.

So here we go.

I'll admit up front that my sartorial comments will be lacking, but in the optimistic spirit of the entire project, will occasionally give it a try.

Helen starts off with a simple black dress, adding a welcome dash of color in a turquoise shrug and matching sandals. It's a beautiful day today, with highs in the low 80s, but the office can be a bit chilly when the AC blows, so Helen is prepared for inside and out.

(I should add that we decided to run with this project at the last minute today, and Helen has responded admirably to our desperate attempts to have her enliven our workdays.)