Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn? (day 10)

I am decidedly not one of those people who blithely declares the beginning of some new season based merely on some astronomical phenomenon like a solstice or equinox. Nevertheless it is getting a bit late in the year for this continued warmth and, more importantly, humidity. It's still nice to hit the AC in the office after walking up the hill from the train on my morning commute.

Helen, however, is pleased with this summery September as it is helping her to keep pulling out the warm-weather clothes. Today finds her in a flowery yellow dress with matching yellow shoes. (Discerning readers will have noticed that we've been including Helen's shoes in our photos.)

Happy Workweek!

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  1. Helen, it is Thursday already . . . what have you been wearing? Don't make me leave sabbatical land to find out. Seriously, I love this blog--it reminds me of the human touches that make Drew special. Keep posting please.


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