Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Sweaters! December 20, 2011

OK, we're a bit behind here, what with the holidays and all, but since Helen is keeping this up, so are we.

Today we have the first of perhaps not many, but some, Christmas sweaters (which really aren't all that bad looking, so I hesitate to call them ugly).

I'm not sure why Helen is making that face, but I do know that we are awash in chocolate Christmas goodness, all free for the taking, as visitors to the office know. The sweater is, I think, an understated and playful black-on-white/white-on-black snowman button-up, worn over a white turtleneck, and accompanied by a black skirt and stockings with black shoes. I'm not sure we've seen too many white or even light-colored tops, but we'll have to hit the archives on that one.

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