Monday, November 21, 2011

Substitute Teacher

The crazy fall weather—yes, it finally got a bit cold this week—took its toll on our heroine and she had to take a day to recuperate.

Fortunately Helen's stalwart work buddy Andrea was up to the task and served as a last-minute sub, lest our faithful followers be disappointed.

Andrea tends to eschew the black and white for a more earthy palette and Thursday was no exception. We caught her without her jacket sporting a dark brown ensemble with high turtleneck (in case you didn't believe us about the weather changing). Always wearing a smile, Andrea deserves the kudos for stepping up...and saving us from the pressure of filling in for Helen.

Get better soon!


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  2. Thank-you Andrea for filling in for me. You look so lovely in this outfit. Next semester it is your turn to be heroine of the blog!


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