Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm done with this warm weather! (Monday, Nov.28th)

A tired Helen came into the office today after the long Thanksgiving weekend. The reports from Thanksgiving dinner were all positive - the food and company were fantastic! But the first words out of her mouth were "this weather is doing us a disservice!". I heartily agree! If we wanted to wear short sleeves all year long we'd live in Florida! Enough already! We want tweeds, wools and cashmere!

But then the competitive side of Helen emerged and she began contemplating extending the challenge indefinitely. Perhaps the warm weather has been a blessing in disguise, allowing Helen to go where no others have gone before.....could she pull off an entire academic year with out double-dipping in the closet????

Stay tuned.....

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  1. I agree heartily with the weather problem. I'm not as sartorially gifted as Helen but still, all these sweaters and jackets are just gathering dust. And as always, Helen manages to look ab fab every day, even under warm weather pressure. The hint-of-spring skirt paired with the black sweater is classy and manages to straddle numerous seasons. I hope she extends the challenge because heck, why not?


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