Friday, October 21, 2011

Pizza Day!


One thing about the job is that there are a variety of tasks to keep one on one's toes. Wednesday we had a big pizza order, and I mean big! Here's Helen supervising the arrival of 48 pizza boxes before they are distributed. It was a rainy, though not too cold, day, and Helen is back to a more autumnal look with black pants and a short-sleeved sweater over a long-sleeved white blouse, accessorized with a wide black belt. Quite a switch from Tuesday!

(An editorial note: yours truly just got a new iOS device with a built-in voice-activated agent and improved camera, so expect better photos.)

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  1. Love Helen in the middle of the pizza boxes. Sets off the vest nicely. Could there be a more stylish pizza organizer anywhere? Can't wait to see the next autumnal selection....


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