Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Note from Helen


Now that I am almost halfway through the experiment of not wearing the same outfit for an entire semester, I thought it was time to show you-----TA DA!


Not as big as you might have expected and certainly not as tidy as I would like it to be. These pictures were taken before the turnover from summer to winter clothing. My bedroom now has four Rubbermaid bins (as shown below) strewn throughout the room. (Does nothing for the decor!) I usually spend a couple of hours each season switching clothes including purging clothes that no longer fit or might be dated.

This experiment started as a test to myself that I was not wanting of any more outfits but it is killing me not being able to buy any clothing. Even Barbie gets a new outfit every season. I will note that my husband is loving the fact the credit card is no longer smoking...


  1. Who would have thought all this came out of that simple closet. I've been particularly loving the scarves, not pictured here but sure to be soon. I would say this experiment gives you all the more reason to have a shopping spree in January to be ready for an all new spring........

  2. Wait, why can't you buy anything new? That seems unfair! But I am impressed by the closet, and the Rubbermaid bins. I dream of being that organized ... although I don't have that many clothes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yes, Sandra, one of my rules to prove I have more than enough clothes--but I am hoping for great sales in January when I can buy, buy, buy!!!!

  4. I expected major square footage. Makes you even more impressive!


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